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FootwearFashion summer 2020: Ecological shoes are a trend!

Fashion summer 2020: Ecological shoes are a trend!

Timeless models and vibrant colours define the summer 2020 fashion. Meet the main trends in shoes.
Fashion summer 2020 sneakers

In the list of sneakers that dictate the summer 2020 fashion you can find models for all tastes, from the iconic to the most vibrant and daring. Get up to date with the trends of the season and premiere a new pair!

In 2020, the theme of sustainability is still very much present in the world of fashion. As this is a very polluting industry, your responsibility to find answers is considerable. Some of the solutions achieved were biodegradable materials, the Upcycling movement (which reuses sustainable materials as opposed to fast fashion) and the use of renewable energies.

Last Sole is actively working towards this paradigm shift, without ever forgetting what is in vogue. The Portuguese brand combines the passion for footwear with respect for the environment. Get to know three trends in fashion summer 2020 and fall in love with shoes produced with sustainability in mind.


3 Trends that define fashion summer 2020


1. White sneakers

White sneakers were born almost a century ago. After leaving their mark on the world of tennis sport, they moved on to the fashionable world. Classic and timeless, they have kept their popularity alive over the years.

Versatility is the best way to define these shoes. In addition to white matching a wide variety of colours, it can go unnoticed or leave its mark on an outfit.

These white sneakers are essential in any wardrobe, even for those who like to dress in a minimalist and monochromatic way. They also give freedom to jump between styles: casual chic, classic, sporty, among many others.

There are different models of white sneakers available and environmentally friendly versions. In its collection, the Last Sole presents vegan-friendly models, which means that they do not use animal skin for their confection.


2. Chunky sneakers

Chunky sneakers have their inspiration in the 80’s and 90’s and are a trend that is still very much in vogue in the summer 2020. Baleciaga’s Triple S were one of the first versions, followed by many other well-known brands.

The chunky model is unrecognizable for being bulky and even disproportionate, with a robust sole and curved lines. It exists in different combinations of colours and with different details, such as bright and neon notes. Besides being comfortable, it is quite versatile, fitting a casual look or a sportier one.

This is the footwear of Instagram’s most popular street style looks. Easily find influencers, trendsetters and celebrities with a pair on their feet. If there’s one word that defines this model well, it’s irreverence!

Last Sole’s chunky sneakers are made of leather with a lycra inner sock, with a non-toxic and chromium free composition. The breathable and hypoallergenic materials make them comfortable and resistant and are designed for the well-being of those who wear them.


3. Vibrantly coloured sneakers

The summer 2020 fashion trends are also marked by vibrant and bold colors. There is room and freedom for multicolored, energetic and optimistic combinations. If you can’t resist such sneakers, this is the trend for you.

Some of the tones in vogue this season are:

  • Red – It is one of the most striking colors of summer 2020 fashion. Bold, alive and full of energy, it could not be forgotten. Transmits confidence and marks the difference in the outfit;
  • Green – Elegance and harmony define this colour. It is perfect for a more formal style, since it conveys seriousness;
  • Classic blue – Considered the color of 2020 by Pantone. Strong, serene and quite versatile;
  • Yellow – A color full of life and joy that gives a more daring touch to clothes. A beautiful way to transmit optimism.

If you are a fan of softer tones, you can opt for the coral. It was elected the color of 2019 by Pantone and is still in vogue in this year’s collections. It’s a female color that combines warmth with delicacy. Or, if you prefer something more discreet, how about a mix of two trends? Combine the white sneakers with one of the tones of 2020: red.


Last Sole footwear comes from non-toxic materials and is suitable for sensitive leather. Learn more about the brand and follow fashion trends without forgetting the concern with the planet. Visit the online store now and discover all the models!





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