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Footwear6 Reasons to use quality Portuguese footwear

6 Reasons to use quality Portuguese footwear

Do you know what Portuguese footwear can do for your health and well-being? Find out the areas where the national footwear is king.
Portuguese footwear

How many times have you bought a pair of shoes just because it was pretty or cheap? Probably you did not care about quality or comfort, nor did privilege the Portuguese footwear. All of us have already fallen for that mistake. Unfortunately, there are a lot of people who, day after day, wear unsuitable shoes. The well-being from our feet is crucial. After all, they are the ones who sustain our entire body. For years, the medical and scientific communities call attention for the importance of choosing footwear. It is time to finally take care of your feet.

Follow us and find out about the superiority from Portuguese footwear, as well as the problems it helps to overcome.


3 Reasons to prefer Portuguese footwear


1. Wide experience

The art of footwear in Portugal counts on generations of wisdom of handcrafted procedures. The basis from the national sector are deeply linked to the extreme competence and to the wide knowledge from the most skilled craftsmen.

Although the national industry is constantly innovating, the quality from the procedures and materials remains the priority. The result is the perfect balance between technology and tradition, a symbiosis for which Portuguese footwear is recognized worldwide.

2. Sustainability

The Portuguese footwear is a universe increasingly conscious, ecological and sustainable. The increasing use of organic raw materials, like cotton, vegetable tanning skin and natural rubber has been more evident. The materials reuse is also one of the modern values of national industry.

These and other concerns have direct effects on footwear quality. In order to “fight against fast fashion, the products stand out by quality and the best possible resources allocation.

3. Design

Whatever is the kind of footwear you are looking for, from timeless classics to the most creative models, the Portuguese market offers a unique design. Also, at this field, we verify a marriage between the latest trends and proven formulas.

And it is not only in the visual aspect that the Portuguese footwear prevails. From comfort to robustness, from durability to meeting all special health needs, the Portuguese design will not let you down.


3 Areas where Portuguese footwear stands out


1. Humidity and odors

In order to prevent sweat and let the feet “breathe”, the organic quality materials are essentials. Otherwise, will be great the discomfort caused by low absorption, overheating and even the proliferation of bacteria.

Additionally, if you don’t want to worry about bad smells, move away from cheap synthetic materials. Clearly, the materials that effectively regulate and absorb perspiration are the correct option.

2. Health and well-being

The footwear choice has much more influence on health and well-being than you might imagine. Just to give you an example, did you know that some shoes are produced with toxic materials and contain substances that are harmful to your health? From head to toe, shoes have the power to interfere with our body balance.

Bad posture, severe back problems, flatfoot, bunions and even stress… All these conditions are worsened by the use of uncomfortable footwear, with a misfit design and produced with weak materials.

3. Saving

The Portuguese footwear masters make all efforts to combine quality and saving.  As a consumer, you should not have to choose one over the other.

It’s simple to understand. High quality footwear last for years or decades. The apparent need imposed by fast fashion to always buy something new only makes you spend more money, even if the products are cheap.

With the Portuguese footwear, which takes into account all points that we have approached so far, you will be saving the Planet and, if you do the math, your wallet.


At Last Sole, we take care of your comfort and the quality of our products. We are an ecological brand, from the choice of organic skins to energy efficiency and clean production processes.

Our offer is varied, colourful, elegant and modern! Visit the online store and offer your feet high quality sustainable Portuguese footwear!





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