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Footwear8 steps to wash sneakers correctly

8 steps to wash sneakers correctly

To wash your shoes properly, who wins the debate? Hand or machine wash? Find out everything in our detailed guide.
Wash sneakers

Washing sneakers is a very simple process. However, due to a lack of knowledge or concern, many people end up doing it improperly, reducing the footwear lifetime.

Did you know that an excessive washing is as damaging to the durability of sneakers as dirt?

Fortunately, we have the perfect guide for you. But, before you realize all steps, we shall set a prior point: do not wash your sneakers in the washing machine.

Lots of water and detergent is not a synonym of a deep washing. Often it means damages to footwear and washing machine. If you want your sneakers to last as long as they should last, take a few minutes and return to the manual method.


Guide for hand wash sneakers without compromising durability


1. Do not let your sneakers soak

The water excess only serves to damage footwear, from colour to the materials resistance. In fact, that is the main reason why you should never wash the sneakers in the washing machine. So, when doing it manually, you should not fall into the same mistake.

2. Remove dirt and stains right after use

Whenever dirty, you should wash the sneakers as urgent as possible, preferably promptly. This prevents waste from gluing, making it difficult or even impossible to wash. The time factor can make all the difference.

3. Separate laces and insoles

To increase washing efficiency and ensure that it reaches all parts, remove the laces and insoles. Then wash each part separately.

4. Start by brushing your shoes

Before applying water, carefully brush the sneakers with a dry brush. Use it to remove most of the dirt. If you skip this step and move immediately to washing, moisture can penetrate impurities that would otherwise be very easily removed.

5. Fill the inside with toilet or kitchen paper

To give sneakers more shape and make it easier to wash outside, fill the inside with toilet or kitchen paper. You can also use newspaper. However, it runs the risk, although minimal, of the paint staining the sneakers when in contact with water.

6. Just use a damp cloth

In most cases, simplicity is the best thing to do when the time comes to handwash your sneakers. Whether they are made of fabric or leather, slightly moisten a cloth, sponge or soft brush and wipe the shoes.

7. Let them air dry

To ensure that your work is not in vain, choosing a suitable place for your shoes to dry is more important than you might imagine. Leave them on a flat surface, in an open, airy place, without direct sunlight.

Sunlight, heat, lack of ventilation and uneven surfaces can deform, weaken, dry out and discolor footwear. Once again, placing toilet or kitchen paper inside can be very useful, since it helps to absorb moisture.

8. Choose quality products

In cases where the footwear needs a deeper and more meticulous wash, there are good cleaning and preservation creams on the market. They are particularly useful for washing leather sneakers. Buy only quality products. Choosing creams without quality can be worse than washing only with a damp cloth. Furthermore, the application of these creams can be advantageous as a sporadic method of footwear preservation, even if it is not dirty.


Make this your guide to hand washing sneakers. It will guarantee perfect results and will help your shoes last much longer in the best conditions.

Clearly, choosing excellent quality sneakers is half the way to extend your sneakers lifetime. That’s why at Last Sole we are guided by the quality standards that only Portuguese footwear can offer.

Besides, we are a brand with ecological awareness. We use in a highly conscious way whatever resource we need, from the choice of organic raw materials up to the product arrival on the market.

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